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April 9th, 2012

Slow cooked lamb for passover


Based on the amount of pork on this blog, you probably wouldn’t have thought that I came from a Jewish family. But I do, and though we are largely non-practicing, we do celebrate passover every year, and passover is (in some ways) all about the food. Along with all the parts specified by the seder […]

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May 10th, 2011

Roast pumpkin with toasted almonds and olives, zucchini salad


A vegetarian meal. The pumpkin and herbs were fresh from my Mum’s garden. I roasted the pumpkin with onion, garlic, and rosemary. For the salad – zucchini (cut with a peeler), lemon zest, parsley and some fresh tomato, plus some lemon juice and delicious olive oil that we bought in Spain. The toasted almonds and […]

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