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January 29th, 2012

Leek and gorgonzola pizza


I used to always make my own pizza bases when making pizza. Now I rarely do. Mostly it’s a time thing — we tend to eat pizza on a tired weeknight when we can’t think of what else to have. Luckily, our nearby gourmet supermarket sells some good quality, pre-made wood fired pizza bases. Not […]

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October 17th, 2010

Poached chicken and leeks with aioli


Based on a recipe by Fergus Henderson. It’s a great technique for cooking chicken – you place the whole chicken and stock vegetables with water in a pot, bring it to the boil, and then immediately cover and turn off the heat – the chicken cooks slowly as the water cools. You get a succulent […]

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September 19th, 2010

Roast chicken with apple and leek stuffing


I got a corn-fed free-range chook from our local gourmet supermarket – much better (and I hope more ethical) than your regular hormone-fed, cage-reared variety. I squeezed some lemon over the carrots in the pan and they ended up with a lovely tartness to them as well. Making the stuffing – I cooked up some […]

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September 9th, 2010

Chicken and leek pie with home-made puff pastry


The filling was a mixture of chicken, leek, carrot, bacon, herbs, stock, and some butter and flour to give it a pie-filling consistency. I’ve made plenty of chicken pies, but never my own puff pastry. The best store-bought puff pastry that I’ve found is Careme, which is all-butter and hand made, but at $10 a […]

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