May 6th, 2013

Quince & lamb meatballs


A variation on a recipe from Jerusalem.


I had planned to make quinces stuffed with lamb, but the quinces we had some codling moth damage, so I cut off the usable bits and made meatballs in quince sauce instead. The meatballs had a wonderful flavour from the allspice and ginger, and the quinces had a beautiful tartness to go with the sweet lamb. And of course, pomegranate seeds make everything look pretty.


I blowtorched the meatballs once they’d been cooked in the sauce, because, well, why not? We had them with green freekeh and micro-herbs from the garden. (I say micro-herbs as if that is something normal. In fact, it was just thinned out broccoli and cabbage seedlings from some things we are propagating. But micro-herbs sounds so much more ‘chefy’, no?)

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