April 25th, 2013

Crab Curry


This was a while ago now (just getting the blog back up to date after a busy time moving house). I volunteered to cook a crab curry using my grandmother’s recipe (above) for an Indian-themed feast at a friend’s house. I’d never cooked with crab before.


I must admit, I did feel a little sad cutting up those poor crabs. I did put them in the freezer first to keep them calm, and used quick, clean cuts, but it still felt a bit mean…


The recipe uses Larich brand crab curry paste (apparently this is the closest you can get to a ‘real’ crab paste as Nanna used to get back in Goa). You add a few vegetables, tomato, vinegar and coconut cream, and then just sit the crab in the hot mix off the heat until it cools down. When you are ready to eat simply reheat to cook the crab through.


I moved it from the wok because we had to transport it. It reheated nicely and was a great hit at the party, I would probably do it again, but maybe with prawns or other seafood (crab is awfully fiddly).

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