June 2nd, 2012

Stir fry with home-made ramen noodles


This one was a while ago again, and another Lucky Peach special: my first attempt at home-made ramen noodles.


A fascinating thing: alkaline salt. You make it by slowly baking baking soda (crazy I know): it transforms sodium-bicarbonate to sodium-carbonate, an essential ingredient in those yellow noodles which aren’t egg noodles, but look and taste like they have egg in them. The ingredients of the noodles are just flour, water and alkaline salt. The sodium-carbonate smells a little eggy, turns the flour yellow, and (apparently) gives the noodles their distinctive structure, texture and taste.


You kneed the dough and let it rest, like you would when making pasta;


and roll it through a pasta machine like when making pasta (but not as many times – it doesn’t need to be silky smooth).


Well, they certainly looked right. And they had that funny smell like the packet noodles from an asian supermarket.


The recipe I had was for full home-made ramen (soup and all). I wasn’t game to try that just yet, so I stir fried them with some vegetables and roast pork. Noticeably different and tastier than bought noodles. And fun!



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