March 17th, 2012

Steak Frites

I kind of overdid it with the jus, but it was pretty great anyway. This was my first attempt at cooking steak on our new(ish) griddle — so much better than in a regular pan…

I’m getting pretty good at oven frites. The important thing is to use a really hot oven, and to par-boil the potatoes first (adding a little vinegar to the water stops the pectin from breaking down so they don’t fall apart). I find organic kipfler potatoes work the best.

Steak on the griddle: as easy as can be…

For the jus: I just reduced some chicken stock and red wine, plus I added splashed water to the griddle while the steak was resting and added those juices too.

The frites turned out well: they take about half an our in a hot oven (I usually turn them once or twice).

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