March 16th, 2012

Poached pears with ginger

I seem to be doing a lot with leftovers lately. The question seems to be at the end of a week “What can I make with what we have left in the fridge/on the bench)?”

So – on the bench was: 2 pears (a week old), some sweet red dessert wine (a month old), some white wine (a day or two old), and ginger (fresh).

So: poached pears with ginger! Everything in to a saucepan, with some sugar, cinnamon, a few peppercorns and cardamom pods.

Simmer until the pears are soft, reduce the liquid to a syrup. That’s it.

So now the left-overs in the fridge include delicious, sweet cinnamon & ginger syrup — great with ice-cream or yoghurt.

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