September 2nd, 2012

Overly elaborate chicken pie


The most complicated pie I’ve ever made. I knew I wanted a chicken pie, and I kind-of made this up as I went along. It was fun to make, and tasted great.


First up: the pastry. I made some quick puff pastry using roughly combined flour, water and butter — rolled and folded 4 times (rested in the fridge in between),


I then blind baked it to make lovely a crunchy pie shell, keeping enough pastry aside to made a lid.



The reason this pie is ‘overly elaborate’, is it takes some preparation. I poached a chicken using my stock recipe (plus 1 stick of cinnamon to flavour the chicken), and keep the poached, cinnamon-scented chicken breasts and one cup of stock. Then I reduced the stock by half.


I made a very thick béchamel using the stock, half a cup of milk, and lots of nutmeg — ending up with 1 cup of sauce.


I fried up some chopped carrot, parsley, spring onions and capers in a little olive oil,


And added the vegetable mix and shredded chicken breast to the béchamel to make a thick filling.


Then it was just a matter of filling the pie shell, covering with a pastry lid and baking until the lid was cooked and the pie was hot inside.


And here it is! It took most of the day to make, so I won’t be doing it again in a hurry, but I will definitely make it again one day. It was really good.

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