January 2nd, 2012

Blueberry and raspberry tartlets

Kate and I made these today for my birthday afternoon tea. Kate was originally planning on a cake, but it’s 40ºC in Melbourne today — not really an oven day.

We cheated a little and bought tart shells from the supermarket, but they were fine.

For the filling I made a simple pastry cream (a thick milk custard with eggs, sugar and corn flour).

We don’t own a piping bag, so we made one using baking paper.

The pastry cream is so sticky that its basically impossible to spoon in to the tart shells: piping is really the only option.

We actually ended up having to make two piping bags: although convenient, paper piping bags are hard to refill once you’ve squeezed the delicious custard out of them.

Once filled with custard, it was just a matter of placing some fruit on top and glazing with some warmed, strained apricot jam (this gives the tarts a lovely sheen).


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