July 5th, 2011

Sticky date pudding

It’s been a particularly cold winter in Melbourne this year, so I thought we deserved a pudding.

Mum used  to make this when we were kids, I’ve never made it myself before. It’s really just a wet cake mix with dates, and a toffee sauce poured over. I used a David Herbert recipe, but there are plenty floating around. I seem to remember mum’s being one she copied out of a newspaper.

I halved the recipe (which said it served 4 to 6), but it still made enough to last us three (small) servings each.

While the cake is cooking, you make a toffee sauce on the stovetop…

And once the cake is done, you pour some of the sauce over and return it to the oven…

The resulting pudding is soft, dark, sticky, delicious, and lovely when served with extra sauce and cream (or icecream). The best bits are the crunchy, sticky toffee bits around the edges. And (like so many things I cook), it’s even better the next day.

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