May 1st, 2011

Rich onion gravy for roast beef

Home again, in Australia, in my own kitchen. Time for some roast beef and gravy!

I started by caramelising onions using a “quick” method – instead of cooking them over low heat for a long time (as you normally would to caramelise onions), I cooked them over high heat, stirring constantly, adding a splash of water now and then to stop them sticking and burning – using this method you can caramelise them effectively in about 15 minutes, with barely any difference in flavour from the slow cooking method.

I added garlic, a bay leaf, red wine, diced tomato, flour and butter. And then, the secret ingredient for a really dark, delicious, umami gravy….

…Vegemite! Now I know I’m really home.

(For anyone outside of the antipodes, Vegemite is a quintessentially Australian yeast extract spread – British people could use something like Marmite, I’m not sure what is available in other parts of the world).

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