June 22nd, 2011

No knead bread

I tired out this recipe for no knead dutch-oven bread over the weekend – it was amazing – and super easy. You really don’t need to knead it, you just mix up the ingredients, leave them for 20 hours, fold the dough over and cook.

I’ve made a lot of bread, but never been able to get a proper crusty crust and soft texture inside before – the slow rise and the subsequent cooking at a high temperature in a cast-iron pot (which recreates the conditions in a commercial humidified oven, apparently) produce a beautiful result.

One tip though – don’t do what I did and stupidly store onions and potatoes (in plastic string bags) in your cast iron pot, forget about them for weeks, and then not open the pot as you heat it for 30 minutes the oven – melting the plastic string bags and forcing you to clean out the pot before reheating it for the bread. If you skip this step, the bread will be much easier.

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