July 17th, 2011

Mushroom soup

This one is for a vegetarian friend, who complained that she couldn’t read my blog because I always post “too much raw pork”. We do actually eat quite a lot of vegetarian food, but I don’t seem to post it here as often.

The various field mushrooms are quite cheap at the market at the moment, and this soup makes a great winter meal. I don’t really know what kind of mushrooms I used – three kinds, of different shades of brown. I finely chopped the stalks and sliced the heads.

I also used a handful of dried “forest mushrooms” (I think mainly porcini) that I soaked for a few hours in hot water.

The soup is as simple as can be—you just fry up some onion, the mushrooms, a few bay leaves, sage, and some garlic and parsley in olive oil, add stock and the soaking water from the dried mushrooms, and simmer for about 20 minutes…

Then season to taste, add a squeeze of lemon juice to give it a lift, and add some bread to thicken it up. The only bread we had was some pita bread, so I crumbled it up and stirred it though.

To serve I grated some cheddar and parmesan over another piece of pita bread and toasted it in a very hot oven—kind of a flat, cheesy crouton. It’s not strictly vegetarian because I used chicken stock (and certainly not vegan with that cheesy bread), but it would work just as well with a vegetable stock too. Some people like to blend their mushroom soup, but I like leaving the mushrooms whole for their silky texture, and I think it looks better this way too.


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