December 10th, 2011

Grillin’, grillin’

Another one of our wedding presents was an awesome Le Cruset grill plate. It’s basically just a piece of cast-iron that you can place over any gas hob to create a grill surface. It’s one of my new favourite pieces of cookware. It certainly fills a need. This style of cooking is great: high heat, non stick, lovely grill lines and smoky flavour. And you can cook so many things! In addition to the standard steak, burgers etc, I’ve tried (amongst other things) leeks (delicious and smoky),

red peppers (blackened on the grill, then peeled – better flavour than an oven method),

mushrooms (juicy!),

chorizo (better than in a frying pan for sure),

even pita bread (for pretty grill lines).¬†Expect plenty more grillin’ on this here blog.

As a hilarious addition to this present, we were also given a fire-extinguisher. (Always keep one handy when grilling).

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