July 12th, 2011

Garlicky gratin

To have with casserole.

I made it a “garlicky” gratin by using a single clove of organic “elephant garlic” (yes, that enormous white lump on the right is one clove) – it has a sweeter and softer flavour than the smaller garlic, and one clove is plenty for a dish like this.

Other than the thinly sliced garlic it’s just layered potatoes, a little onion, some herbs, butter and stock. I used herbs de provence, parsley, nutmeg and pepper. Lots of butter, not much stock (you can see it congealed around the place in this photo). Then in to the oven until golden and soft, and the potatoes have taken up most of the stock. I find kipfler potatoes work the best – they have a lovely colour and texture and tend to hold their shape.

It’s pretty rich as a side dish – makes a nice (occasional) alternative to mashed potato.

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