December 5th, 2010

Quiche with filo pastry

The other night, Kate made a delicious and simple dessert – cases of layered filo pastry, butter, sugar and almond meal, which she baked and then filled with yoghurt, honey and berries. They were delicious and had a kind of middle-eastern baclava quality to them.

There was a lot of filo left, and inspired by the pastry cases I decided to make some more (without the sugar, but with the butter and almond meal) to use for quiche. About 4 layers of filo – each buttered and sprinkled with almond meal, then just pushed down in to a muffin tin.

I filled them with fried bacon and garlic, some grated gruyere, parsley and cream and egg mixture. The filo cases work remarkably well as pie cases and the almond meal gives them a more substantial feel than just filo. A great solution if you don’t have time to make your own pastry. They’d be great for any filling – sweet or savoury.

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