September 19th, 2010

Quiche with chicken, brie and shallots

I tried a new pastry recipe today – the “basic pie pastry” from James Peterson’s excellent book Baking, which is as it sounds – an extremely comprehensive guide to baking just about anything.

The pastry was quick to make and was crispier and lighter than other pie pastries I’ve made in the past – I was really happy with the result.

For the quiche filling I used some of the leftover chicken from last night, and some lightly fried shallots.

Baking was a gift from my brother (a former professional cook) who once told me (about quiche) “make sure you don’t just make an overcooked omelette”  – I used a custard made from eggs, cream and milk, and cooked them in a very low (150° C) oven – because the chicken was already cooked I just had to wait for the custard to set.

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